For decades, online marketers have been waiting for technology to catch up to their needs and visions. As odd as it sounds in our incredibly tech-savvy and tech-saturated world, marketers have long known that more could be done to reach customers and to improve their online experiences. Businesses big and small could grow infinitely-if only... Now, of course, everyone and their grandmother has heard about Big Data. Now, marketers have access not only to the broad and more precise data they need, but also to the tools that will make that data useful. Most importantly, marketers now can improve upon the customer experience in ways and at speeds that did not exist just a few years ago. Making changes at the macro and micro level, modern-day marketers can make the online experience feel truly unique across multiple demographics and devices. Gone forever is the idea of a one-size-fits-all mentality for online customers-today, if your business is not focused on creating a customer-centric experience, your business is in peril. If your numbers look good, but you are not utilizing the marketing tools available to you, you are already far behind. Today's ever-connected customer is more educated and powerful than ever and it is up to marketers to stay agile and deliver in ways they previously have not. Stop Letting Your Customers Down: How to Build a Better Digital Experience was written with a sharp ear to what customers are telling businesses via their keystrokes. Online marketers and businesses will want to embrace the insights and challenges this book presents, in order to stay relevant, necessary, and competitive.
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